Godot in a gif(fy): What'll ya have?

Diner Drop part 3

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The Points Don’t Matter

Customer(s) now exist(s)

What’s changed since last time?

  • A customer has finally arrived!
    • The player can now stand in front of them and press down to serve them the order that Chef is currently holding
    • Customers will provide feedback text on whether the order is correct or not
    • Serving an order (correct or not) will remove it from Chef
  • Player now has a score to increase (or decrease…)
    • Serving a correct order yields a point and an incorrect order deducts a point

Godot in a gif(fy): Variety is the Spice of Life

Diner Drop part 2

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Catch Me If You Can

Falling burger bottoms

What’s changed since last time?

  • Chef can now catch and hold the falling food; allowing orders to be made
  • All three parts of the burger now spawn
    • Bottom: the bun and lettuce
    • Middle: the patty and tomato
    • Top: the onion and bun
  • The garbage can interaction now lets Chef throw away their currently held order

Godot in a gif(fy): A game dev blog told through gifs

Diner Drop part 1

Click here to play the most up-to-date version As outlined in a previous post, I started developing a game with the Godot engine about catching falling food and serving it to demanding customers, aptly named Diner Drop. In this series of posts I intend on showcasing the progress made on the game’s development through the greatest of all Internet formats: the gif. A lot can be said with pictures (especially moving ones) but I may also include a few words too. [Read More]

My Hobby: Game Dev - A History

Like a lot of other developers, and even regular folks, I enjoy video games. If you had a nickel for every time you heard or read that somewhere, you’d probably be too rich to be reading this blog; instead enjoying your private island complete with whatever else rich people buy. I’ll save you the rest of the cliched prose that usually follows that line and just say that I also enjoy learning about the process of, and actually, making games. [Read More]