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Diner Drop part 1

Click here to play the most up-to-date version

As outlined in a previous post, I started developing a game with the Godot engine about catching falling food and serving it to demanding customers, aptly named Diner Drop.

In this series of posts I intend on showcasing the progress made on the game’s development through the greatest of all Internet formats: the gif. A lot can be said with pictures (especially moving ones) but I may also include a few words too.

The Sky is Falling

Lettuce Praise

Falling burger bottoms

What’s changed?

  • Got the burger parts to fall at the specified interval in random positions along the x-axis
  • Rigged up the garbage can to, in this case, delete all of the burger objects (interaction with down key from player works as it should)
  • Chef is moving and interacting with the food