Godot in a gif(fy): It's a big one! Game Over, Man!

Diner Drop part 5

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I Want to Speak to the Manager!

Game over!

What’s changed since last time? A LOT!

  • Customers aren’t taking your crap anymore; game over!
    • Serving the same customer 3 incorrect orders (partial or complete) will push them over the edge and cause them to leave
    • If all (currently 3) customers leave, it’s game over
    • Serving the correct order to a customer will despawn them, increase the score, and spawn a new one at a random available spot
  • Added game over screen with restart button
    • Endlessly drops food until restart pressed (super fun to watch)
    • Stops collision detection on Chef and locks movement input
  • Generalized code around customer’s order (no longer hard coding burger as the only order)
  • New font added for customers’ feedback
    • Text will appear towards the centre of the screen depending on where the customer is (e.g. to the left of them in they’re positioned on the right half of the counter, right if they’re on the left half)