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Diner Drop part 11

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Easy Peasy

Points and time awarded based on how longer customer was waiting

Customer leaves on their own

What’s changed since last time?


  • Impatient customers! Customers will no longer wait indefinitely for their order
    • A countdown timer starts when the customer arrives and will change their shirt colour the closer it gets to 0
      • Shirt colour now starts out green and progresses to yellow and finally red
    • Serving a customer will now grant points based on how long they’ve been waiting
    • The time extension granted on correctly served orders is now related to how close the customer is to leaving
      • More time is granted the closer they are to leaving
  • Difficulty levels
    • Starts out with just one customer and increases the number of customers for each level gained
    • One additional customer will spawn with each new level starting at level 3
    • Level is increased after serving 3 customers correctly
    • Level and customers served in it are displayed above the score as: CURRENT_LEVEL - CUSTOMERS_SERVED
  • Bug fixes
    • Customers no longer change state and leave after game over
    • Customers no longer change state on start screen