Godot in a gif(fy): Sugar Rush

Diner Drop part 10

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Color coded instructions

No more unneeded drops

What’s changed since last time?


  • Added instructions page
    • Includes background “story”, how to play, and controls
  • Sugar! Do do doo do do doo…
    • New orders: donut and pop (soda) with two item parts each
    • Updated order matching code to work with varying sizes of orders instead of just 3 items
    • All current orders and their parts are pictured below: All current orders and their parts
  • Updated food spawning code to only spawn items that aren’t currently being held
    • If all current order items are held, then ANY food item in the game can spawn (even if it’s not in a current customer’s order)
  • Added a new font
    • Unified all text to use the same font
  • Bug fixes
    • Game crashing bug occurred if game over was caused by all customers leaving