Godot in a gif(fy): I Like to Move It, Move It

Diner Drop part 8

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Just One for Me, Please

Scrollable start screen

Slide to move

What’s changed since last time?


  • Retooled input and movement
    • Added a “Slide to Move” area: tap and slide in it to move Chef
    • Tap on brown area (with customers and stools) to interact
    • Mouse input
      • Emulates touch input now (must move mouse in the “Slide to Move” area and hold down left button to move)
      • Click on the brown area to interact OR right click anywhere
  • Added timer to customer to stop spamming of incorrect orders (protects against multiple accidental interaction inputs)
  • Made the area above the garbage can a “safe area”: food won’t spawn over it
  • Removed desktop input toggle options (keyboard and mouse inputs are still usable)
  • Updated start screen instructions
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bug that served multiple times when interact input pressed once
    • Fixed bug that didn’t allow scrolling of instructions on touch screens
    • Fixed bug that crashed game when pressing a key while holding mouse button