Godot in a gif(fy): The Final Countdown

Diner Drop part 12

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ALL the changes

New buttons, high score, and unlocks

What’s changed since last time?


  • Move on up! New (hopefully) easier to use control scheme.
    • Mobile: move by tapping and holding on the left and right buttons at the bottom or any point directly above them (all the way to the top of the screen)
    • Desktop: keyboard input only now (A and D or left and right arrow keys to move and S or down arrow to interact)
  • Moved the informational UI elements (level, score, and timer) to the top of the screen to stop it from blocking what Chef is holding
  • Made it easier to interact with customers by increasing the serve area to the left and right of their centre point
  • High score! The highest achieved score will now be saved and persisted across play sessions along with the level it was achieved on
  • Added sounds and music!
  • Stats are fun! You can now view statistics on actions like the number of orders served and how many customers you’ve served (in)correctly
  • Added a pause menu!
  • New sprites and backgrounds!
    • Unlock additional Chef sprites and backgrounds by achieving certain milestones
    • Swap between them on the pause screen
    • Interact and arrow buttons now match the kitchen background
  • Unified button sprites!
  • Drop rate of needed items (based on player’s held items) increased